Misc Gear for sale, some never used.


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Longmont, CO
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All purchased new by me and in my possession the whole time. Not abused, most never used. More pictures or questions let me know.

ISC rt hand ascender, never used, stored with other gear. Retail is $85.95. $65 shipped. **SOLD**
SRT book with CD from TCIA. $55 member price. $30 shipped. **SOLD**
HRC 28" hitch cord. Never used. Hand splice by Iron Works. Retail is $26.50. $20 **SOLD**
Hand splice friction saver, from TreeStuff, DMM Rings, 1/2" Ultra Vee. Never used, Retail is $79.99. $65 shipped. **SOLD**
Petzl ID large, never used, not 2019 version. Retail is about $235. $150 shipped. Make offer.
15' Tenex Rigging Ring Sling, from TreeStuff. Never used, stored with gear. Retail is $96. $55 shipped. **SOLD**
Tsurugi Saw, 300mm. Blade is pretty darn new. Retail is $64.95. $45 shipped. **SOLD**
Stihl 2 in 1 file. Never used. 3/8 Picco. $35 shipped. **SOLD**
Spacer for Pinto, free, you pay shipping. **GONE**
10 Stiffy, used some. Free, you pay shipping. **GONE**

Always open to feedback on pricing, let's make something work for both of us if need.

Thank you, Chad
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