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This is written by the city forester, Paul Buck: PBuck@ci.plymouth.mn.us Write to him for more information. Tim Ard is an excellent trainer. I think the cost is around $20

I have again contracted with Forest Applications Training
http://www.forestapps.com/ to provide the City of Plymouth with chainsaw
training. They will be in Plymouth February 19 & 20.

On the 19th, Tim will be offering 2-half day classroom general
presentations like last year. I will be making these available to other
government entities & private arborists.

March 12-Minnesota Society of Arboriculture is presenting the annual EHAP training. Along with the EHAP there will be a climbing skills workshop.

March 26-27-University of Minnesota Shade Tree Short Course

If you need more information, drop me an email.



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Isn't it so cold in Minnesota that 'Minnesota Activity' is an oxymoron?

You know, like Microsoft Works, Civil Suit, Military Intelligence, Dodge Ram, Holy War, Big Ants, Alone Together, RAP MUSIC etc.?

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Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
That's cute!

In a normal, maybe I should say, average, winter, that might be right. The record temps for 1/25 are -32[1850] and 58 [1944]. Normal range 18 and 1. This year we are having temps about 10 to 15 degrees above normal.

I like playing, but not working, in the cold so much, a gang of us go up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area on the Canadian border for a week in Febraury. We camp, no cabins. This year I might even bring climbing gear.


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