Mini skid tires


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Have two choices from the local dealer, who by the way, are much cheaper than Vermeer. Surprise!

Carlisle turf smart:

Carlisle trac chief:

We do about 50/50 on nice lawns, but rarely put down mats. Most clients don't mind a little turf damage. The trac chiefs are 1.5 time more expensive, but I'm guessing they will last longer, especially turning on hard surfaces. We have been running turf tires for 5 years now and do get stuck now and then in sketchier places. During the winter we just throw chains on the tires.

What are you guys running? What do ya think?


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I think R4 (trac cheif) tires on a mini would tear the shit out of a lawn. I'd run turf tires but I'd also like to see ya run the R4s so you can give us some feedback on how bad they really are or aren't.


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I'd run turf tires but I'd also like to see ya run the R4s so you can give us some feedback on how bad they really are or aren't.
This cracked me up!

For the record, I also would like someone else to buy some insanely aggressive tires for their mini and then do some big removals on a high-end lawn. ;) Also, please document with photographs. We'd like a full report.

Seriously though, I'd probably go turf as well. Our tracked machine has big lugs and tends to leave marks. Sometimes I'd kill for turf tracks so I could just drive all over the yard but for me the big downside is service life. Turf tires are probably similar.

So, in summary, my post doesn't help at all. Not one tiny bit. Sorry.


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This cracked me up!
Ha! Just being honest. I would like to see someone run some, maybe they won't be as bad as I think they would.

I had R4 tires on my compact tractor. It was great on lawns but if it turned like a mini the lawn wouldn't fair so well.

Edit: should have said decent on lawns


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we have the aggressive tires on the front of our dingo. frozen ground has been better than expected. soft ground not so much, tears and digs. but we push the poor machine too hard so its rarely sharing the load with the back wheels. it all depends on how often you want to do a 10 point turn i guess. straight driving it does have better traction, but once you try to turn...


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Turfs on my 25G. I have been very happy with the turf tire performance and have only been stuck a couple times in wet ground or wood chip.
I just replaced the Dee Stone tires I had with Gladiator LG100's on recommendation of my tire shop. I have been extremely disappointed in their durability. They were sold as the same ply tire but they seem to have a very week tread as I have had to plug tires for minor leaks already. My Dee Stones seemed to hold up forever. I didn't want to take the baldies off.

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