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I have a client who would like me to plant a Service Berry tree as a memorial for her husband who just died. She said he was always serving others, hence the Service Berry tree. Couple of questions, which variety of Service Berry would you recommend and what tree would you plant if you were going to plant a memorial tree?

Site location is close to a flood plain in the middle of a gravel driveway island. I'm guessing partial sun, hardiness zone 8a.


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Service berry/ Amelanchier is a hugely diverse genus, ranging from low groundcover to 40+ foot trees. They tend to have kind of lanky growth IME.

Is this memorial just for her benefit or are there kids/ grandkids. Quick search suggests zone 8 is the southern end of their growing zone. It's not likely going to get cooler anytime soon. Maybe look for something more heat tolerant, planing ahead.

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find a local 'Mom and Pop' type nursery nearby. They will know the varieties that are suitable for your area. They are likely to have some very specific hoices for you that you wouldn't find at a Borg or regional chain nursery.


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“Autumn brilliance” is the variety I have the most experience with planting. It’s a very nice tree IMO and common in the trade. The ones I’ve planted are doing well. One is in a parking lot island and doing good. I’m a bit north of you, zone 7b.
There are some “ dwarf” bald cypress that I think are cool- an alternative idea that might work in the described site.
I also just opened my eyes to columnar oaks- mostly varieties from English oak. They are pretty adaptive and interesting and would fit in a smallish space

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