Mecanil vs GMT grapple saws


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What interests me about the GMT is how they rely on the position of a single lever to determine what function is happening. The Mecanil has override buttons to alter the function of a single lever. From my understanding of the two units, they complement different applications rather nicely. If I had a smaller, faster, fully live hydraulic actuated log loader style boom, I might want the GMT. For the larger, slower knuckle boom application, I’d lean towards the Mecanil.


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I think the functionality is much better on the Mecanil and easier to get into places and easier to learn on. The GMT has better hose and fitting routing. The banjo fittings on the mec can be a pain. I have not used the newer GMT just the older one. You can get a Mec with the Effer if you want.
I prefer the Mecanil but the GMT gets it done too.

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