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So, planted a Japanese Maple of some sort a few years back.I forget what type specifically. I do have the tag so if its pertinent information I can go add it. Anyway, it was growing great for the last 3 seasons and looked good coming into this spring then mid-way through Spring I noticed the main trunk just wasn't producing any leaves. It didn't seem dead and had sprouts at the tips of all its fine branches so I just assumed it was slow to get going. But, it never did. I'll attach some pictures. Its about 6 feet tall and what Id say is three main trunks although the one in question (labeled 3 in the one picture) is coming off another trunk but it was the main one up the middle. As you can see the middle trunk just seems like it is at its last days while the rest of the tree is fine and dandy. Should I cut it out? I've been hesitant b/c it was scalp the entire interior of the tree and was wondering if I should just wait and see if it rejuvenates next season. Anyone have better knowledge of what I should do here? Also, I apologize if this inquiry is in the wrong spot. Thanks in advance. 107737927_10159676554163943_6518924331461594308_n.jpg 106989829_10159676550318943_4527783685520721342_n.jpg 107356910_10159676550248943_8257369822456758161_n.jpg


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Call an ISA Certified Arborist with tree health experience, or contact your county extension office by phone or email and find out how to submit a sample for lab culture and analysis. Once you know where and how to send it, try to get a section where sick looking plant material transitions to healthy material.

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