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We,ve been having a lot of Birch tree decline and death in the last 3 to 5 years up here in the arrowhead of Minnesota, the City of Duluth specifically, our company has been using an injection method using a Mauget product to contol the Birch Bronze Bore (B.B.B.). The problem I have is twofold. One, the product (Imimcide) never is totally emptied when it should be time to pull out the capsules (the manufactuer states that most product should be emptied in a couple of minutes, but I found it takes hours or days and not minutes.) Two, I don't think the process of drilling into the base of trees is is a good prcatise. I'd like to convert into a basal drench system, but I am finding a huge reluctance of doing so. Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks


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Mauget injection on Birch are typical of your discription. First, Betula is a ring porous hardwood so uptake is poor unless you get it in the spring when the vessels are larger. Also the bark is thin with little room for placement error. If the BBB damage is extensive the flow will be restricted even more. I have never had good results injecting Birch.

You may want to check the label on the Imicide to see if BBB is included. I believe that the Inject-A-cide B is what you need. The Bidrin is nasty stuff but is labeled for BBB.

You would need to check the Merit label for BBB control by soil application, I don't think it is listed. It will give great Birch Leaf Miner control though. I think you would get much better results by soil application if it is available.
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