matting in....


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These are about 15' long, they are easy to roll up and pick up with the wheel loader, Thinking about making some 7' long as the cranes wheel base is 13 so we can be on 2 and then move other by hand to leap frog in. We can roll the 15' bundles but its not something you look forward to....


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Interesting. How would you store and carry such a bulky item? Why not just alturnamats?
If we used alturna mats which we have , on this driveway it would have been decimated, 2 huge ruts down driveway and a very unhappy client. The mats just bend and conform pretty much to the shape of our tires when you put a 52ooolbs crane on them,.


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That ladder cribbing (or whatever it's called) spreads/bridges the load out far more than alturnamats in a single thickness. Alturnamats conform with high axle loads, tripling them up helps considerably, but ladder on top would be even better. Paul has pictures of using the ladder cribbing with alturnamats on grass for very low impact.

I do have an idea for the triple thickness mat roads, but haven't had a chance to use it yet.

Evan Sussman

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Great idea.

Yeah, alternamats don't cut it with a heavy crane if you're going for "zero" impact. Especially on hot asphalt, they might leave markings from the traction molding.


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Really? Even on a driveway?

Plywood can protect some if the driveway is strong and flat, but once the driveway moves (and it will under plywood) it forms to what ever shape is below and starts to fail.
You have to be careful about mats on hot asphalt too or you can leave dimples where the mat traction bars are (been there once).
The ladder cribbing is a cool idea, cumbersome yes, worth it... Probably on those couple jobs a year you get that need zero impact. I would be interested to see it in action.
Thanks for posting
My crane is around 60k with logs on the bed, we use 3/4 plywood on everything. It works awesome on driveways. If there is a soft spot or lots of cracks, high and low slabs we just double it up.


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My crane is 55000 lbs. Ive used plywood with excellent success on bad driveways as long as the ground underneath isn't soft. I have flat sided alturnamats with no impressions left afterward. Again as long as the soil isn't soft.


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PC tree hit the nail on the head with the release. Cranes are the future of tree work (production) All of the large outfits in my area have release forms for damage to property as long as the customer agrees to the price-IE price is dependent upon usage of said equipment .

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