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hey fellow tree folks,
Butch , the creator of the TreeHouse tree forum has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.
I personally want to help him out a fellow tree worker.
So, I have LORAX stickers available.
They are 3"x3", bumper sticker quality, UV resistant quality stickers.
I will send you a maximum of two stickers (please contact me at with name and address), and (hopefully), then
you will go to the Treehouse web forum and make a donation. $5? $100$ who knows. It's on the honor system.
Please DO NOT involve me with your personal donation amounts.

These stickers are limited! I think the total is around 80, total.

Thanks and by the way, these stickers are AWESOME!


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Butch has a reputation, which I don’t agree with. However stage 4 sucks for anyone even if they can be an ass (not saying he is, just in general). I don’t have an account there. Do you need one for a donation, I’d like to give what I can?
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Butch did a lot to help my family and me during a really difficult time. I’ll never forget that and I doubt I’d ever get the chance to repay the favor but I’m glad I’m getting a chance to help out a little.
He’s a good man, and it fuckin hurts to see him going through this.

Plus they’ll look great on the back windshields!


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Apart from the donation I've sent, I can host his forum for free. Taking into account he may be paying for a dedicated server (the forum is big) I could help him to save some bucks.

I don't know how to contact him (not sure if the PayPal email is being monitored) but if anyone knows, feel free to let him know
Monetary support..even without a sticker...will be so helpful

Sad news to hear this about part of the family.
Tom, send me your address and I will send you a sticker!
Remember the amount of the donation is up to you. I am NOT involved.
Just say you want the most excellent Lorax sticker and it will be yours.
Any donation is completely seperate from me.
All I need is your mailing address.

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