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My marketing guy suggests implementing a tagline or slogan in my new marketing campaign.

Possibly something like :

1. We make the cut!

2. Making the cut since 2014

3. We saw that

Open to thoughts criticisms and suggestions.



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What is the take away or image you want to create in your target demographic's mind? Is it that you cut stuff? If so, then great. Is your company all about removals? For me the examples evoke just a guy with a chainsaw which tends to put the company into a highly competitive space. Stay away for the year unless it depicts longevity.

Make the tagline focus on your key marketing feature/advantage that makes you stand apart from the competition and sets expectations. Like using affordable or cheap or any reference to low cost, then you're going to be fighting with that all the time.

A friend of mine has a great one, "It doesn't have to be a jungle out there".


Thanks! Great input.

I understand what your saying. I like we make the cut because when the customer is comparing 3 quotes side by side, we make the cut....

My workload is removal centered, but we bring a new standard to the market. 75% or more of my removals are crane assisted. We strive to leave properties undisturbed.

I want the tag to set me apart without slamming the competition.

Possible more toward

Your trees deserve the best.


Above it all.


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Going forward is this going to continue? Will you expand your pruning and PHC?
If the your differentiator is the pristine condition you leave the property then work that in. The first implies care for the trees and would serve well if you're not so heavy on the removal side (deserve the best death?:eek:) Above it all is good though a bit vague. I think that would create some head scratching unless there's more to guide the audience (e.g. Logo with a crane towering over the trees).

Instead of trying to come up with a tagline, just try word association. Start with what your clients say about you, include what you trying to be, best service, prompt, clean, cheap, pricey. etc... From that you can work out a slogan.

What you really don't want it to do is limit you in the near future thus forcing you to go through this exercise all over again.


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Would your marketing guy be able to do something called A/B market testing to see if two versions of a tagline get more positive reaction? So you could do this either via a website call-to-action, an e-mail blast, or even good old snail mail (put a code on which version is mailed to which addresses). You track which version brings in the most number of calls that move you toward goal. It tells you what actually connected with your potential customer base. The difference can be as small as just one word changing in each version, though you might want to have a test group, like @treehumper says, of existing customers who give you feedback on what they see as your value to them.

May seem intensive to do but if you want to start as you mean to go on, it may be worth it as you may have a tagline/mini-pitch that works for a long time.


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The company I work for's tag line is "Your yard - our gym" I think its funny. I don't think it really pulls in customers however.


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There is debate about how useful taglines can be, whether they are old-fashioned relics. I look at it this way: in the tree service field, there's a good chance that there are a lot of people who "do" trees within a comparatively well-defined geographic area, and the trick for a client is to differentiate some of them. It can be crucial if there are outfits that have very similar-sounding names. They'll be useful if you know that your market is going to be tough to attract attention to yourselves in order to acquire new clients. All about knowing your market and your competition's selling points.

Clever can work but not always. Personally, I am prone to come up with some funky things like, "Your trees would hire us if they could talk".


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In my opinion tag lines are pointless. Just like yard signs.
Taglines are useless if they do nothing to connect you to the client or build awareness of you. They need to be memorable and exposed to the target audience sufficiently for it to stick. Yard signs do the same thing. We use them and it has helped build our brand in the market we work. We are constantly hearing about how people see our signs all over town and they take that to mean we are a busy, successful company.

Marketing is not a one and done deal.


This is ours and it has shown success with a cut n dry explanation of the mission of my Co.
Swift River Tree & Landscape
(We have people ask "O your a landscaper"? I tell them... "NO.. we are not "landscapers""
"We care for trees, & transform your landscape"
: )

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I stole one from a company in a different state. I doubt they would appreciate it if I posted it, but it is effective.


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I think I know the tagline of the company that did this:
"We put the TREE in street"

Sorry I just came up with that one, and had to find an image to go with.


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In my opinion tag lines are pointless. Just like yard signs.
When I first started around 2001 I put out a yardsign on this 1200.oo job , at the time it was my biggest job . Well a lady drives by sees the sign and say shes gonna call us . Later the homeowner told me to remove the yard sign after it had been up a couple hours. The lady they got our number from the sign called us and I sold her 2400.00 in work . Then she became and annual client of ours, not sure how many 1000s we got from them before they finally moved