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I purchased a small sprayer this past summer and would like to use it more in the coming year. I would appreciate any input you guys can give me on how to generate leads for spray work. I've already put out the word with my regular customers that I am looking for spray work, and that there are rewards for bringing in leads... but so far nothing to speak of. I mean I'm at maybe 4 spray customers right now, and then fall fert / innoculations are about 15 or so (maybe 3,000 gal???). Maybe another 2 or 3 for deer repellant and anti-dessicants.

There are 2 options I'm considering right now... but I'm not sure about how well they would work out. Any input on any of these things would be greatly appreciated.

1) Approaching a friend of a former customer. I spoke with the wife about a month or two ago. Nice lady. She and her husband have a national company in there now doing the spray and tree work. I think that just the crab apples along the driveway bring in $1,600 per application. With these people money is NOT an issue... and I don't think I could even handle that account at this time.

2) The guy who works with me used to have his own tree company, but sold it about 15 years ago to the same national company which does the work for the option 1 people. At the time he sold, he had 4 spray trucks going out every day. He still is involved with the business... but only works for other people, rarely doing any jobs of his own. I was thinking about maybe making him a salesman... give him something to do on days off.

Any thoughts????

I'm also going to approach the landscapers I deal with... but they can be tough to deal with sometimes.


Lexington, KY
Don't market "spray work". Market tree/plant health care!
Don't spray because you can charge $1600.00. Spray only what needs to be sprayed when it needs to be sprayed. This means monitoring the site, identifying the pest (insect/disease) and determine the appropriate control measures.
Determine the clients threshold for insects/disease. Spray the LEAST toxic thing you can to achieve the desired results.

Offer a higher quality service with personal attention to the needs of each individual client.


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Go out and do inspections on your clients properties and you know which trees are problem trees and develop programs for them. Westchester is ripe for that type of stuff and there isnt alot of snow on the ground right now either and your clients would be grateful to see you and send them a program for plant health care.

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