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First, if these questions have been asked and answered previously, please forgive me. In 22 pages of posts, I haven't seen it yet...still looking, though

I am with a new company consisting of 2.5 employees. (2.5 because we have a part-time employee, while I and the bossman do the extent of the work, both in the field and administratively)
The company is a few months old and we are looking to bring in new leads

Our company finally got our logo on our chip truck and we also just received our new work shirts and "off-duty" shirts along with new yard signs. Visual marketing is ready and good to go...
We also have a website and Instagram page (to show before and after photos)

I was curious what, if any, tools do you all use to market your company?

We know that HomeAdvisor is not a financially smart route, but we were wondering if there were websites or software that could help us bring in new leads.

Any suggestions?

And thank you, in advance, for your help


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Before and afters can be powerful. I sell preservation not removal and am still grappling with how to make a clean and clear message.


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How you market depends on who your customer is. Are they older or younger? Older do use the internet or social networking as much. Ask everyone who calls how they heard of your company. After a while you will see what avenues your customers are using. We started doing this over a year ago and were very much surprised at how many people still use the phone books. But majority have said we googled it or referral from xyz. What works for your company may be different than any other. If it were cookie cutter do this, everyone would be doing it.


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Good question. Marketing is never a static environment. Things that worked one month may not work the next. I experience that alot(we do something and then 3 other tree services do it right after us). Your in the Atlanta area? What is your target market? High quality, or quantity? Removals, preservation, hazardous, etc? I have done everything from door to door to radio advertising. It all works differently. We target high end customers looking to get what they pay for. For us, google is garbage. It never worked, but being on conservative talk radio did, until the other guys followed in our footsteps, then we had to throw them off our trail and go a different route. We did a million our first year and have grown by 100% each year after. What are your goals?
From my point of view, marketing is a very complex domain. I started to learn it a few months ago because I wanted to create a marketing campaign on my own for my little business. I've read a lot of books and learned different terms, but anyway, you need a lot of practice to understand all these questions. Anyway, I decided to work with the guys from They created a google ad campaign for my online shop where I sell different accessories for bikers. I am very pleased with their work because my sales increased by 200% in three weeks.
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The best is when they stop in a car ,block traffic next to the chipper wide open and ask if you do tree work and want a card lol

At least once a week for us
Same here. Someone is always pulling up alongside and hollering over the chipper to ask if we cut down trees. Read the side of the truck maybe?


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Same here. Someone is always pulling up alongside and hollering over the chipper to ask if we cut down trees. Read the side of the truck maybe?
It’s pretty aggravating but it’s the best advertisement
Any professional tree service usually impresses everyone


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Nice trucks guy's. Good stuff, I agree a nice professionally decaled vehicle can be a great form of advertising.

Maybe one day we'll get there...
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