Mark Chisholm teaches Crane Class in Omaha August 24


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Mark Chisholm is teaching a class in Omaha August 24 covering crane use in tree operations. I helped to organize this event and TCIA is hosting. Lots of donations so the cost is very low for this type of class. Consider sending several employees! Please find the necessary info in this flyer. Crane Ops WS - Aug 24 Omaha NE_v4.jpg
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Anybody going to this? I'm sending one of my guys out there and would like to book him a room near where other tree folks might be staying.



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I know several people from KC and Minneapolis are going, but I don't know if they are on the buzz or not. I haven't heard of any particular spot for lodging. I will be organizing an after party for the event where all the tree people can come hang out and socialize. That will be near the event itself.


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You guys won't find anyone better that can help you with crane work.

Mark showed me so many things at my first workshop years ago, and I

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