Main line folly - one of the dangers of not climbing enough!


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It also makes a lousy aftershave lotion.

If you're going to store your gear in a shed or garage where rodents are an issue, check craigslist and garage sales for old, pickup bed toolboxes. I've picked some up for dirt cheap, and they're very rodent-proof. Even the polyethylene ones are too thick for them to chew through, but I prefer the aluminum and steel ones.
Also makes a good spot for the bodies. The ones with a gasket help to keep the stink down, and keeps the flesh eating beetles in working.


Been here a while
Looks like a good pic to keep handy for every time a rec climber (like me) writes asking: “can I leave a rope permanently in the tree??”

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Several years ago I hung a swing for a lady for her grandkids. She bought the materials and TreeStuff suggested for her to use 5/8 tenex for the rope. The anchor point is 43 feet from the ground making for long, slow swing movement. A couple months ago she contacted me saying squirrels had crewed the rope in several places and the it had broken while one of the kids was on the swing, but not swinging. I replaced the rope with 3/8 EHS cable.

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