Looking to sub climber(s) or experienced ground person(s) or experienced mini skid operator in central MA


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Central MA
Have tons of work and not enough time. Have enough equipment to send out two crews, but only myself and two other employees. Best case scenario I find one or two capable people to sub in for a few days a week so I can get a second crew out. Realistically, you'd be getting the easy work. Just trying to cross jobs off the list, put my idle equipment to use, and make a little extra dough. Pay would be fair. $4-500 per day if you have your own insurance and use your own gear. Less if you don't. Groundies less depending on skills. Very capable mini skid operator (have 2006 sk650 and brand new 1050) with good ground skills could potentially be worth $400 to me. Weekdays only. Even one day a week would be helpful. Could potentially help with housing if traveling. Try me.


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Ticonderoga ny
What part of mass do u work mostly. I am from lake George ny area . I operate a number of machines proficiently . I have mechanical and fabrication skills also. I dont not have climbing gear anymore because the guy I did side work for upgraded to a boom truck. I work on industrial boilers in the winter and do excavatshion and mechanical repaire in the summer . I am not insured but I am qualified. I have a variety of chaine saws from a o17 up to a 460 and also have an extendable pole saw. Ime non cdl still but I have no trouble in hauling and securing machinery to running a ground crew. I have foreman experience and a lot of experience in logging excavation general contracting. I am interested in 3 to 4 days a week work. I am takeing care of my 90 year old father so 3 or 4 days would be fine . Ime sure u ha e found a crew by now but if u get in a bind I am willing to help u out as long as u are not a 8hr drive away. It's a long shot but ime always willing to lend a helping hand for a faire price. Ime willing to work a few days and u can decide what my skills and work ethic are worth to you. Thank u Lloyd .


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Narragansett Bay
Good day,
I am here in Southern Rhode Island, would be able to travel to some parts of your area. I have all basic tools for a climber, and carry basic insurance (covering tree work on a property management level, looking to expand coverage too). I have been doing forestry, firewood, fruit tree planting and pruning since 2009, and have two years full time ground crew experience, including being our teams top tree-planter. I practiced climbing throughout that time (2014-2016), mainly doing pruning. Not ISA certified but have studied their books and the ANSI guides. Highest developed skills are in pruning, planting, hedge-trimming, safety, and team efficiency. Familiar with working in gated areas like the newport mansions both as a tree-guy and finish carpenter, where tidiness is essential. I have worked as a subcontractor since 2015 on a variety of teams in a few trades; I am adept at finding my role within team settings and keeping a good work rhythm with a crew.
Reach out if you are still looking. I am filling my days week by week and can surely be on call and see what's possible. When travel is involved I could knock out a couple long days in a row.
Hope you are well.

Michael Giroux



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New Haven

Happy to see your post. I was just looking for this kind of thing. I just moved up to New Haven, CT from Austin, Texas to go back to school. I have nearly two years climbing experience working for a big green giant and have loads of references from trainers who will be able to say that I understand complex rigging applications and other basic stuff. I have a rope, saddle and climbing saw but I'd be happy has a groundsmen as well.

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