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Curious if any of you use a load cell between your jib and hook on a kboom to get an accurate load reading on your bigger pics. If so, who do you use and do they have an intro model that won’t break the bank?

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Lebanon, Pa USA
I got a load cell shackle that connects into my remote. Unfortunately I don't know the brand or cost, it came with my crane when I had it built.

I love how it connects into the remote, but I'm not sold on the shackle design. The shackle is huge and a it bit of a pain to use...maybe a smaller design would be better (haven't talked to the crane company about it yet).


0.6 on bottom right of screen = 600 lbs (there is also a display on the crane)


Steve Connally

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I use the Radiolink Plus from Straightpoint. Great tool for sure. There really isn
t such a thing as an entry level load cell. You just want one that does what you want it to. They all cost in the same 3 to 5k ballpark. I'm very happy with mine and the service I've gotten from them. They have a new bluetooth version out now. Google and see what you think


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We have the Straitpoint Raiolink Plus. It has made taking picks way easier. No problems thus far. It cost around 4 grand.

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