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This lightning struck red pine said "Good luck felling me and no way you're climbing me". I looked at it for a couple days while I climbed and took out several other dead and dying pines near it, leaving it for last. I climbed out of a healthy enough red pine through a sugar maple and took a close look at the upper crown. Ended up using the line from the other pine as a support and ascended the lightning struck tree from the bottom on gaffs with an assist from the support line. On the way up I discovered that while it was hollow the remaining cylinder was strong and continued to be to the very top. Nearer to the top I set a static redirect using a sling and a Munter Hitch to control and balance the load on the tree. The top went nicely and I commenced chunking it down until the sun was gone.


Trunk view from the ground


Working my way up


Inner bones of the tree's structure revealed within the hollow


Looking up near the top


Support line behind me


Top gone, the rest is easier.



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That pic of the internal structure of the tree reminds me of this 4x4 post I pulled out of the ground last summer. Rot and decay had removed a lot of the post back to a similar internal structure of branches.


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