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i was 135# dripping wet, rescued 360#man (that thought he should climb despite his epilepsy) i had 1 pulley ran up tree with...

i remember that big bear's furry arm darting out trying to grab me like a drowning man; as i went straight to him,
i said oh no, went overhead to lift out rather than calm within reach of scared bear!
Years later he asked me what i would have done if didn't have enough lift;
explained would have let him grab lift rope also,
as he couldn't pull down 100# on control side, w/o taking 100# off load side..
(as it was, i used leg lift as effort input, rather than arm effort as input)
Used to think this principle was 10 different tricks;
traced down to root(finally) of equal and opposite thru 1st class lever, reflected back onto work target;
then expanding back out from that distilled pivot found more uses.

edit ol 'Joe is gone now, disease whittled him way down...
When he was 18, somebody figured to try biggest guy in bar.
Joe did 7yrs for manslaughter, because underage drinking in bar..
hit the guy once; bar 3 blocks from my house...
There was no way i was going to let that big monster of a man grab me...
Burnt into my brain is pic of that big bear paw coming at me..
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Not sure I am staying within your guidelines of equipment and scenario but I think you could use the pulley on the victim and turn the system into a basket pick. It would force you to use a natural redirect above you as your down rope side. More friction to fight but a 2:1 advantage on the pick side.


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Florida>>> USA
methinks 'Hello Frank' would be proper GA greeting (sig)..
also, please note, the lessened frictions is real, gives silkier 'feel' to system;
like better pulleys magically returning more towards 100% efficiency..
True, would get 2/1 in your scenario;
But, i envision defining a standard 'open' system, where
the Equal/Opposite (E/O) of Effort and bodyWeight aren't 'expressed' on the target load;
but rather in an electrical schematic type imagery ,
short this 'leg' of power from 220 box to ground for only 110v to target
lessened by more frictions , while risking more support loading...
BUT, if inset pictured strategy inside your system,
(by reaching from control side to 'dynamic'/shortening leg of support to load)
Can input the 300# in pic into your 2/1 + re-direct system!
This would have less friction(),
lower support loading (back to nominal weights at static hang).
Simply, the system is 'closed', all forces conserved efficiently to target work.
The dumb-waiter/self-lift/ arborist DdRT many of us sit/sat in;
is a premium example.
Lifting/climber pre-tensiong riggings etc. climber just not lifting self w/2xEffort;
but lifting separate load thru same 2xEffort mechanic
+ bodyWeight (was lifting as climber, now is ballast against load.
When it all counts,
or to the art of least effort, less frictions, less gear, lower support loadings for same target
i just must flag again, i think this is the way to go!

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