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In this my second comp, I sunk 5 spots in the rankings compared to last year, but rose 11%. If I did better at one of the tasks last year, I did substantially worse this year, and vice versa (except the belayed speed climb...).

Watching @oldoakman ascend on Friday night was awesome. He's an absolute machine. Not the fastest, but just keeps going.

@Steve Connally had a rock solid climb on the Truework tree, grabbing third place. I got tangled in my climbing line like an AT-AT on Hoth at the first and easiest bell on that climb. I should have turned right. Then I did a clever scurry out the underside of a branch to avoid tripping the plumb bob with my 210 lbs., but had -2 points of unclever trouble on the exit with the awkward srt return from that position... I did really well on the other two bells, but ran out of time fumbling with the autobelay caribiner for the kiddie pool splashdown - total garbage, lol. Anyways, Steve you nailed it and, more importantly, looked like a natural in the kiddie pool.

@swingdude missed meeting you irl, my online friend. I was planning to dutifully admire your new pair of clipnsteps that you were saving for the comp. Maybe next year.
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