learning fert and pests stuff --were do I learn???


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Many states have license requirements for pesticide applications. You should check were you live, try the dept. of ag. or conservation dept. There might be a study guide or training course available. Sometimes these are run through extension offices. There is a best management practices guide (ISA) and ANSI standard for the fertilization of trees and shrubs.

The most important thing is to Always Read The Label. It is a violation of federal law to use a product in a manner that is inconsistent with it's label. Pay attention to the PPE requirements some of the chemicals are very nasty and can cause you to lose an eye or worse.


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"Does anyone know if there is a course on spraying and fert where i could learn."

Other than the obvious liscensing requirements what do you want to learn? There are a number of books out on pest and disease control and a couple on fertilizing. I think an excellent starting point is to learn some ecology and soil science. Look into soil food web websites and books to get a look at an intergrated approach to improving soils that may help plant health.

It is easy to spray and fert but are you dealing with the problem?. Soil fert is a particular problem, if you kill the life of the soil all the additives will never make for a healthy tree.


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Re: learning fert and pests stuff --were do I lear

penn state offers study material and there are meeting that you can go to go to dept. of ag web site for info.

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