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Anybody know anything about some uncomfortable feelings between Anthony Tresselt and the Europeans at last ITCC? Had a bunch of them training on my property and when they came back they were referring to him as Sergeant Anthony. What's up with that? Anybody else sense any uneasiness like that?



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Ask him yourself.

Did they wear their cool Euro-guy tree outfits?
Hey dude where were you when I posted the greatest buzzbatters (goddamn, haven't been here for a while, wonder why¿, and just noticed you boys don't show your profiles threads post counts in public any more, that as significant as those Trumpeters giving up their battle weapons. HOLY SHIT how'd you do that Mark¿ You got a full-time security detail for you and your family¿ Fuuuck, I'll be praying for you.) battle action packed game called "Troll Roulette"¿ In the game you have the privilege to go head to head, actually face to face on WhatsApp, with the 2 time world renowned ITCC World Champion De Bob Weber who in all his glory in 1989 beat his Charlottesville Bartlett crew mate William Moore IV by a whopping .003 points, imagine that! Though later on, at the 2004 ISA ITCC in Bob's hometown of Pittsburgh, PA it was discovered that Bob had bribed a fellow PennDel member, who was one of the Master's Challenge Judges, to fix the results and he was forced to forfeit the buckle and return it in a special ceremony where Bob, on his knees, face down arms out stretched above his head holding the buckle hands while asking William for forgiveness ( real story except for the bribe, his actions resulted in an additional ITCC patch for our banner! He told me I made a series of unsecured 3 point moves while working my way up the tree without being secured with the tree with either my climbing line and lanyard which would have resulted in an automatic disqualification but none of the other Judges noticed. Don't even know your name so your identity will forever be anonymous unless you'd liked to tell JimSkeria about it to make a official record books change so Bill gets the acknowledgement he deserves. I think I left Jim some crazy mantic voice mail, who me, and he never returned the call. Jim was disappointed in me because I didn't attend some conference to have a Champion reunion in some town that I'd never pay my own money for to go. ISA is about giving back. Man, I've given my blood and my sanity to the tree life. What else do you want?) And then again in 1992 Weber beat his nemesis Ken Palmer, CEO of ArborMaster, because he didn't know how to excecute a perfect fly fishing roll cast, real story. Anyway come play with me. It's free... Russian-Roulette-Movies-5.jpeg
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