large pin oak

Here is a large pin oak I did for a neighbor, it was a decurant trunk, one side was ready to burn and the other was over the house. Gotta love the neighbor discount


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No helmet, no no PPE=Serious problems claiming workers compensation (over here at least)

Surely your health is worth more than the cost of a helmet and chaps?
I'm not the best about wearing PPE but I never climb without a helmet. Just the number of times I've whacked mt helmet with a lanyard snap (mine are steel) is enough to make me remember to put it on before tying in.

I keep glasses around my neck but usually forget to put them on unless I blow a notch and have to watch close while I fix it.

I wear chaps and headgear on the ground but I don't even own steel toed boots.

Working contract it pays to to be good about PPE, I don't want to liable my employers by getting caught without it.
I habitually wear a helmet, safety glasses(I'm blind so wearing glasses is always part of my waking life.)hearing protection and steel toed boots (I worked lots of years in soft toes but once I found properly fitting steel toed there is no reason not to enjoy the extra protection). As for chainsaw protective pants or chaps..... they have there place. That place is not on me while climbing in hot weather.
I hear and agree with you about the discomfort and added stress wearing chaps creates, I work in 34 degrees plus and over 70% humidity for more than half the year (North Queensland Oz) but it just means that our work method has to be adapted with more drinks breaks etc...


Been here a while
Detroit, Mi.
I climbed without a helmet the other day. I left it at the morning job. I hated it. I felt so timid moving around the tree. I also use my helmeted head as an attachment point sometimes. I find a helmet actually keeps you cooler as it shades your head.
i definatly make my ground guys wear a helmet, i rarely do, its just my choice, its what i like, when i work with other companies i respect their rules and do as follows but i almost never wear a helmet when working on my own, if i am i must be pretty scared, im all for ppe, especially the personal part
it makes absolutley no sense to me that anybody would work without a helmet, safety glasses and hearing protection.

I won't make a ground cut without leg protection and 99% of my in tree chainsaw cuts I have the pants on. I'll sweat a little more in the summer.

I paid for a nice comfy helemt that I often forget to take off at lunch and have worn it into the gas sation on occasion. there are some really nice chainsaw pants available for less than a dollar a day.

What does the average chainsaw cut cost at the ER? $6,000?

It's not worth the risk of potential long-term damage.
i almost never wear a helmet when working on my own, if i am i must be pretty scared

[/ QUOTE ]

Interesting philosophy........according to you, your need for a helmet is based on the level of fear or anxiety you expect during any given climbing operation.

Most other folks just wear a helmet/hardhat cause they don't want a sore head when a branch lands on it or you climb up and whack your skull on a branch above your head.
Petzl Ecrin Roc is my favorite.

I also have a 99.9% new Pacific kevlar that I don't care for. The suspension/chin strap are not very comfortable for me. There are a lot of people out there that love them though... it's for sale!

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