knot to use on bee line?

What knot works best on the bee line, Diestel, Schwabish, or Klemheist?
i bought a 34 " length to try out and in the showroom demo area it looks cool, but later at night in the park it was a bit difficult to work, and trying to figure out where to set the tending pulley under the knot, or under and thru the legs?
i am new to some of these closed systems and any help would be appreciated.
I am trying to switch my latin work force over to some newer gear, but for now will just try to show them a tending kit on their old taughtline.
keepin it simple.


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I think it'll depend on what rope you're using. I run a distal on both the Blaze and Yellow Jacket but the cord needs to be shorter for the smaller dia. rope.
Lots of factors come into play - rope dia./construction, cord length, body weight, climbing style, personal preference, etc. etc. Just experiment low and slow until you get it how you like it.

As for the tautline-I have nothing against it for standard hip thrusting but if you're going to step up performance with a slack tender try teaching your guys the Blakes Hitch, it's much smoother than the tautline and the next step towards high performance.


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I know of some climbing line that does NOT work well with beeline and that's that fat, heavy, limp, green and yellow garbage. What a workout trying to decend on THAT combination. I have 150' of it and <no lie> I'm making a rope ladder/fire escape out of it for my daughter's room. It works ok with blue streak and poison ivy though. Still love yellow jacket though. Whiz
our rope is that hi vis 1/2 in from new england, probabally the least expensive we could find.,
thanks raven, i''l see if any of them will try the blakes hitch
whiz, thanks for the in put and thats sure a good use for an extra hunk of rope short of using it as a rigging line...much better to use on the home front.
i tried the klemheist...not a good idea.. rope milked , self tender moved a knuckle of knot out of place slightly and i sat there hanging not able to come knot to try..? so freakin embarrassing.. sitting there with javier taking pics...i'll keep you posted

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