Knee ascender without a bungee


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What exactly were the mods, AJ? I am still fine tuning my New Tribe Yellow Jacket for balance and any insight is welcome. (I don't see the Yellow Jacket for sale any longer - no doubt discontinued now. Nice light-weight saddle however).
I had them lengthen the two loops on the waist belt that hold the delta screwlink. This was on a harness size that would’ve been a hair small for me, made for a perfect snugness so the waist belt stayed on my hips and the hang angle balanced me well between the leg pads and waist belt. For DdRT I clipped the carabiner holding my hitch into the soft leg strap D and the static leg of the rope to the waist belt delta screwlink. Kept my hitch nice and low and for SRT with the chest roller the low hitch attachment point was good. Only a New Tribe harness owner will know what i’m talking about ;-)


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Thanks, AJ. My loops at that point seem to be about right but were initially a problem. I made a spreader bar out of aluminium for that area, so the loops don't pinch my hips as bad. I think my main problem in balance is my own physique. Am heavier above the waist now at 66 and when in the saddle tend to want to tip over backwards. This is where that chest roller is such an asset.


Are you still running a bungee-free knee ascender?
Yes, it's basically just a Petzl Basic with hollow tube webbing, stiffened with coat hanger wire that has its ends rolled over and stuck into the knots. Foot loop is improved with bungee cord, a piece of stiff leather and some change sleeve so it forms a good stirrup that cinches on the shoe. Only place it doesnt work perfectly is pushing up through really brushy stuff. It cost less than $60 and is still going strong.


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