Just noticed this little guy.


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The tree in the pictures was hidden in brush and tall weeds until I started clearing out around the corner of my fence this winter. I've never seen it in leaf, but it's definitely the only one of its kind in my 2 acres of woods. It's in SE Wisconsin very close to a small creek. Most of the surrounding trees are green ash (dying and dead from the EAB), maples and boxelders (and buckthorn). Any ideas on what it might be?



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I agree with Morus. It might take more than one to bear fruit. Apparently it is "usually" dioecious (meaning there are separate male and female trees). But sometimes it can be monecious (both sexes on one tree). If it is a male tree, you will never have fruit. If it is a female tree, another male tree is needed to pollinate it - I'd be surprised if there isn't one somewhere close enough... if it is monecious, it will be self fruitful.

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