ITTC in St. Louis...and the winner is...


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The four master's challenge climbers are as follows:
1. Mark Chisolm
2. Jared Abrojena
3. Scott Forest
4. Bernd Strasser

Individual event winners:
Strasser won the work climb
Scott Forest won the throw line
Abrojena the other three events

I'm not sure who won the women's competition.


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I believe that the girl from NZ won, right?

the New England champ Justin Donahue, made it into the head to head FL tomorrow.

good luck to everyone should be a great day tomorrow.


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That is a good line up , I've never seen Forest climb but I'm sure he's the man getting into the top slots. Jared is young and fast , tough call . Strasser is so smooth , but if were gonna put money on it , I've got hundred on Chisolm . Takers ? Jesse , you know you'd love to take a c note from me .


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All good climbers,tough competition , but got to go for Jared !!! Go get them Jared ...

Later from SO-CAL


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Jesse , you know you'd love to take a c note from me .

Im only in for 20 buck Riggs.
Im a one man band and I chip with a vermeer 625, otherwise I would be able to make it more interesting.

20 bucks and a round of drinks.

go Jared
go Jared

virtual handshake?

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Now...we wait!??!

The climbs were all great! It's nice to see such good climbers have such smooth climbs.

The winners will be announced in a couple of hours.


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and the winner is.....(drumroll)..............................................................................................................


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It may be treason but I'm pulling for Scott.

[/ QUOTE ]   I was rooting for Scott too this year and thought he had a great Masters climb.  Scott got second, Mark got 3rd, and Jarod got 4th.  All good climbs, and I would love to find out the scores, but they didn't announce them at the ITCC awards ceremony.SZ


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Sounded like Ms. Josephine's win was a gimme. from what i heard, Chrissy didnt get a rope installed w/in the 5 throws.

They needed a 3rd woman competitor.

Congrats to all climbers!


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Dont forget about giving props to the women setting new records in the head to head footlock competion. I heard the new record was in the 15 second range. Cant remember who set it (sorry) it was a long drive home, lost some of my sanity in the traffic.


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It was Josephine Hedger (UK and Ireland)in the head to head footlock, in 15.88 seconds I believe. Amazing!


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Just a quick question,....I've seen alot of great competitors throughout the years. What does Strasser do differently that gets him a win every year? Just wondering.



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This is just my guess, but I would have to say that is has to do with his composure combined with speed in the tree. He has a air of confidence along with very smooth movements along with speed. Not to say that he is the only one that moves like that, Mark and forrest move through the trees great also. I think it just comes down to the judges I watched all the masters climbs and to me their was no clear winner. They all climb way better then I ever could. Their are alot of judges in the masters challenge so they will their are alot of eyes on the climbers. In Strassers work climb on Sat. he swung all the way over and landed on the limb walk limb and allmost ran out to the bell rang it and went back without buzzing out! It was just silly! Strasser I believe could have easily come in second this year.