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I just posted this info to AS...just being redundant here in case some folks only read this site.


vharrison2 asked in another thread if anyone had gone to Nashville and met some of the "Guys". I did.

I just got back from to meet:

Tom and Jim Dunlap, both great fellows, kind, easy-going, fun-loving.

Mark Chisholm and Dan Krause...both are like Superman...mild-mannered, soft-spoken and AWESOME competitors.

Guy Leblanc and Mar(H)k Adams...the dynamic duo of judging and gear inspecting. I got to tag along while they did gear inspections of the competitors...very thorough and thoughtful. The competitors use many different systems of safety/ascending/etc. and the inspectors have to be very knowledgeable to evaluate these systems...they inspect not only for proper safe equipment specs but also how these elements are used together to achieve a certain purpose. Watching them evaluate climbing gear was a great learning experience for me.

Warren, also from Atlanta (same as me) was there serving as a judge/helper, applying his expertise to make the aerial rescue venue smooth and safe.

Others, I am sure, but it's getting too late to remember.

OK, enough are some pictures...I only have several hundred to go are 21 in a hurry. I dropped the resolution down pretty low, hope they are OK. I will eventually post more with captions.


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Yes, thanks from me too! Oh, and I don't go to that other site(barely enough time to visit one site as it is), so thanks for doing it here too.

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