Italian Cypresses with Seiridium Canker

Tyler Durden

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North Texas
I have 2 Italian Cypresses at a high end client's property with symptoms of what appears to be Seiridium Canker. I see small dead tips over roughly 30% of the specimens, and one has 2 completely dead branches.
Through my short research I could not find and chemical controls for Seiridium Canker, tho a blog from one of the big boys in Dallas mentioned they treated a property with arborjet with good results. This client would be receptive to a full service approach to this problem, so I would lime to do anything I can to save the trees.
Does anyone know any treatment, chemical or environmental for Seiridium Canker, or how to promote the trees natural vigor to fight this off.

Pictures to come.

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See around town if you see many doing well. If they're magnets for various tip blights, cankers, or other fungal bad guys, a more resistant species may be appropriate. Many a conifer is problematic here but some do much better than others.


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seiridium is an opportunistic pathogen, only gets on stressed trees. Italian cypress thrive in rocky/arid conditions. What kind of soils/rainfall do you have in North Texas? They also do best in full sun exposure, so up next to a house is not the best spot for one. I'd prune out the infected branches (if practical), expose the root flare, maybe auger some holes in the root zone and backfill with gravel to improve drainage and increase soil oxygen levels. I imagine the other company you referenced used Phospho-jet? Phosphite products are known to boost tree health. The label says "for general tree decline". There are no fungicides labeled for seiridium canker as far as I know.

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