ISO: a safety minded, climbcentric outfit - MN/beyond?


St Paul
Hello buzzards.

Been working in the industry for the past 14 months or so, climbing for the past 8. At times my current employer is just fine, but I'm not sure I can see myself with them long term. Not to put anyone here on the spot but I see folks on here bust out some crazy knowledge, so thought I'd reach out to someone who may be a better mentor. I'm based out of St Paul Minnesota, but might be interested in relocating for the right situation. The lady friend was interested when I was talking about the pay potential I have seen elsewhere.

A little bit about me - good with a saw of various sizes, pretty good at felling. Im the primary ground saw person at my current employer. Can back a truck and trailer down a tight S curve slightly more than sufficiently. I have some experience with a mini loader (avant 420) and stumpgrinder. I at least wont totally shred a customers grass or rip an irrigation hose to pieces. We do a fair amount of crane jobs, so I understand the urgency of keeping the crane active. I climb a couple days a week taking on small to medium sized prunes and some removals. Mostly SRT these days, ddrt when my boss may be wondering wtf is taking so long haha. Lastly and most importantly, when I see a pile to rake I will rake the whole thing without bitching.

Again, my current employer is somewhat acceptable so I'm just fishing. If you need good help and do alot of climbing and have a few things to teach, I could be one of your go to humans. I'm not opposed to grounding it out for the right situation.

Not trying to waste anyone's time. Reach out if you would like to speak more.

Cheers. Love this community.
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