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Brando CalPankian

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I am looking for a good company to work for. I'm hoping to stay closer to where I am now, but finding the right company is becoming more important than location. I have a small family, and am looking to take good care of them, whilst hopefully still staying in the arboriculture field.
I am isa certified with a class b cdl, pesticide license (washington and georgia), flagger certs (washington, idaho, oregon), fantastic mechanical knowledge, 10+ years of verifiable experience, college coursework in arboriculture and math (pre engineering), and a love and passion for the field.

I have worked as a trainer and safety coordinator for one of the big 3, as well as a foreman for many years, phc technician, and sales/consulting arborist. I have a clean driving record, clean work record with no major incidences, and a good bit of gear.

I am willing to contract to prove myself, as well as contract to help your company for short term work. I am currently in Port Angeles, Washington. I am looking for, if a full time position is offered, a position with employer paid medical, retirement (hopefully with matching), good wages without a cap, and room to grow. I am planning on getting my traq this year whenever covid restrictions lift, as well as my certified climber through ISA.

I will be posting my resume and supporting documents when I get on my computer next. Again, I am hoping to stay closer to here, but will move for the right opportunity.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Brandon Pankey

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