Is my Mesquite tree diseased?


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A couple of years ago, my Mesquite tree got split during high winds. We had to cut off a part of it which was on the ground. Now, I can see that below the split, the bark easily peels off, and there are a bunch of small insect holes in the trunk. Does this mean the tree is diseased, and if so what should I do? The rest of it seems healthy though. TIA. 20201029_121745.jpg 20201029_121810.jpg 20201029_121901.jpg


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Mesquite is host to both flat-head and round-head borer beetles, and these holes appear (to me, anyway) consistent with infestation. In otherwise healthy trees, these common insects are not usually considered serious pests. Arizona has a pretty good extension education program and free publications are available.
As to your particular tree: An on-the-ground assessment by an experienced AZ arborist would likely fix you right up. And perhaps there is one reading this post with more treatment experience for mesquite than I have!

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