Intrepid KM100 vs. Giant 254 or other loaders

I've been looking at articulating loaders for a few years, thinking about making a purchase this year for the tax write off. Anyone have any experience with the Intrepid KM100 tele? I just found out about this brand at the expo last week. They seem like they have a much smaller presence in the states than other brands but their specs stack up strong. It seems very similar to a giant 254. Does anyone know something about these machines that I should know before purchasing?
I have an Intrepid/KM 100. Love it. I bought mine two years ago after making the same search and comparing specs on engine/wheel motors/hydraulic pump etc. As you say, it compared very favorably on specs to a Giant 254 TELE and much better on price at that time. It is fast on the ground (11mph?) and very dependable. Sips fuel, the amount of work it does on a tank is incredible. No lack of power ever, not going uphill fully loaded. Side slopes however are very sketchy. I have 650 hours or so on mine, and have had no major issues other than needing to replace the joystick because of buttons wearing out. Other than that, it has been amazing platform for tree work, and I continue to find more ways to use it on the job to save time and energy.

The main work it does: Cleanup is totally based on the loader now. We use it to load everything on removals and pruning jobs: logs, limbs, brush, and debris. We extract larger limbs/logs from the work zone first, then use the Branch Manager rake to push everything together into massive piles, then grab with the grapple, hand-trim a bit if necessary, and stuff into the dump trucks. Telescoping boom stacks brush on the trucks very high. Repeat, then use of combo of light raking and branch manager scoops to pick up the last piles of finer debris. Pushing the piles around with the broom really packs everything together. Amazing savings on time spent stacking brush and chipping. We stopped using the chipper, and do have to cut the bed down more frequently, but still way ahead of where we used to be.

Other important things: pulling trees, rolling logs around, lifting during rigging, etc etc, any loader does the same, huge savings.

Most recent, somewhat specific to KM100: We use the loader to carry ALL our gear and three guys around on large estate/campus jobs or uphill-downhill properties. I like the cab-style on the Intrepid for it metal boxiness which is easy to customize and also easy to add emergency counterweights when necessary. Also we will stand on the flat cab roof in a pinch to reach something with a polesaw/power pruner. It looks really ridiculous when we load it up with long tools etc, but we don't have to go back to the truck once for tools. I'll attach a picture I sent to the dealer recently. Saw rack for three big saws, cargo rack for 4/5 bags, long tools on top rakes, poles, big shot, power pruner, Trash cans on the grapple with additional cargo, tray behind seat for loose smaller gear.
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Holy sh**t, that's awsome. I've never seen so many tools on a damn loader before. We pull our tools around with a xl jet sled. We have a giant 254t. The reason I'd go with giant 254t is because Dave from branch manager made a bunch of add-ons to customize your 254t

Even if you don't purchase from Dave he will still supply you with all the parts you need and if you ever need help/advise he is the authority on these machines. @tnttree
Interesting! You liked your intrepid's better than your giants? Why? And what brand are you looking to replace your giants with?
Yes, my original Giants (2016 year) are bullet proof. My newer machines have been an electrical nightmare. The intrepids are simple and just don't stop. We are working on doing R+D on a new brand to the US market.

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