I just got a splicing kit, now what?

I just received a Samson basic splicing kit for my birthday and I'm very excited about taking the dive into this weird little rabbit hole. There's a lot of interesting info on this forum, but I'm hoping some of you can share your thoughts on good places to start as a beginner, or a broad overview of what I should expect from my new hobby. Can't wait to get into the weeds here!


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I'm just starting to get into splicing myself. I'm going to start with Tenex Tec making Ultra slings for rigging rings then hopefully be able to put a spliced eye on a climbline someday.


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The hollow 12 strands are a good place to start with the larger diameters being easier to splice than smaller. That said i received a bag of rope from treestuff with about 400' of 3/8" 12 strand and learned to splice on that.

Personally I prefer the samson splicing instructions and you can get them in pdf or watch the video to follow along while splicing.


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Hollow braids like the others have said then double braid rigging lines like Stable braid. They are easier to manipulate when doing the last core bury and final bury. DB climbing lines are a bit harder to perform those functions and 16 strand is just a bitch. Get a swedish fid for plucking out the cores and cover strands and for starting wire fids. Have fun.


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The video series at TreeStuff from Nick Araya is excellent, he addresses lots of little bumps in the road and has helpful hints and tips that you won’t find in the manufacturer instructions, he’s really brilliant at teaching this stuff and the steps and instructions are very clear and easy to understand.
NiceGuyDave from Wesspur has a few great videos too.
Agree about hollow 12 strand, good one to start on.

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