I did a lil job with Merle Nelson


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Smooth work, great video.
Cool shots where the camera was under the lowering device, haven’t seen that angle before.

Bet it was a real pleasure working with Merle. One of my favorite guys to read on here, always solid advice and observations, he knows his shit.


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Nice! Good to see you man. We have another whole street in Savannah GA with a lot of big live oak trims coming up.


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nerd alert - trivia

The climber view of a -ve rig spar chunk was exactly like the graphs in the HSE report, nineteen degrees rope angle at max tension and 30% log weight side load to the spar - that'll bounce ya good. Something to think about.


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Oak Lawn, IL
never on here but i thought i might share some footage of a job Mr. Merle Nelson was kind enough to bring me in on.
Cool vids. Can you share how had your climbing system(s) set up? It looked like you had two full SRS systems in addition to your lanyard. At least it looked like that towards the end of the last video.

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