Husqvarna 338XP California Special


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Hi there, I would be very thankful for all opinions on this saw from you people who knows anything about it. /Johan


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Johan, I have the regular 338XPT saw and I like it very much. Easy to start, good power and acceleration. Keep in mind though, I'm not as experienced as a lot of these other guys so I don't have the hours of use behind me that they do. I know that my saw differs from the California Special model in a couple of ways, the Cali. has a larger motor (45cc instead of 39cc for mine), it also has a larger handle on the pull cord, spark plug cover is screwed on and the air filter is a little tougher I think. The only time I got to use a California special was this fall at an Arbormaster Training class and I don't recall it being all that different from my regular 338XPT. Maybe others have different feelings. /forum/images/graemlins/cool.gif


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So Cal
If I recall correctly, the reason for the difference was so Husky could sell the saw in California...

The 338 does not pass CARB, while the California Special does.

The last I checked the power ratings were the same, despite the larger displacement... /forum/images/graemlins/afightee.gif


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I also would like to pick some finer minds on this. Is the new Cali any faster? Maybe I don't know any better, but I always thought the more cc. the faster the saw. I have been doing some compairing. I have been reading about different veiws on the Stihl. The 191t is a 2.82 saw with 46.5 cc. The 200t is a 2.15 saw pushing 35.2cc. Now my brain is telling me the 191t is faster, but everyone that I have talked to say's the 200t is the faster saw. Is this the same deal in the Husky market, 338XPT.... 39cc. compaired to the 45cc.Cali. I'm not finding much relible info on this. I don't live in Cal. so I have the option with going either way. I just would like to know which way. Is the Cali. model going to have to be stripped down somewhat. I am just thinking emission's bullshit or is it any faster at all? I am just after the quickest trim saw available on the market right now. I am on my last 335xpt, this is my 5th. and I must upgrade. Never been to impressed with the Stihl square block design, So I'm pretty sure I will go with the Husky. Which one? I would like a little help figuring it out. Thanks Ron
I'm no small engine expert but if you increase the cc's, it changes the power, not the speed. If you want a chain to move faster, you would need to change the drive sprocket to a larger one, you would however sacrifice power when you did that. I assume that the cali special has more cc's to offset the power loss due to emmisions controls. I wonder how easy it would be to strip out the cali mods and have a more powerful saw?



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Stage one was easy to undo, just exhaust changes. But from what I am told now they changed the carbs too in stage two. If you order parts and have them shipped to California then they only send the modified parts. Oh well when I need saws guess I just have to go gamble in Reno or Las Vegas.


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