Husky T536 Li Xp Carving bar with Stihl 150 Chain


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Hi all.

Ive bought a 1/4" sprocket and want to set up my husky battery saw with a carving bar and the small 150 chain.
Has anyone set this up or a similar combo. i cant figure out the right sprocket-bar-chain combo.


Matthew Stone

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Following along here, this is one of my next purchases. How do you like the performance of the saw in stock configuration? I'd be very interested to see how much of an improvement it will make with the battery saws.

Rob Stafari

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Not familiar with the chain the 150 runs, but I'm guessing it is a 1/4 pitch picco micro of sorts. If you already have the sprocket for the saw, you just need bar and chain I presume?

The carving bars are hard nose I believe, most being .050 gauge

Drive link count is where it gets trickier. With a chain that small, a mere change in the saw's sprocket tooth count changes the amount of drive links needed. For example with a 12" cannon dime tip bar... with an 8 tooth sprocket you should need 64 drive links, with 9 tooth sprocket you should need 64. To throw the real wrench in, that could change from saw to saw depending on how the mounts line up to the sprocket.. Most bar manufacturers should have this info listed somewhere once you figure out the bar you want.

The info is out there though, so fear not. Just need a little more info and get to searching. Figure out how many teeth the sprocket for the saw you have is. What bar you want. Take it from there. Don't include stihl or 150 in you searches though, as that will just throw it off when trying to figure out drive link count if bar manufacturer doesn't list it. 1/4 in pitch is all google needs to know. Brand is irrelivant at that point.

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