Humate product


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Any body out there have a humate/blend product they like? I’m looking for a dry product with maybe some seaweed extract, biologicals, and whatever other goodness they can pack in there! I’m trying to avoid mixing multiple products together. Lots of stuff on the market, just trying to get a handle on what the other tree gurus are into these days. Thanks in advance!


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Apex 10 has humic and fulvic acids as well as some humin.

I believe Growth Products have some humate and biologicals as well.

Compost extract (not aerated or anarobic teas) will provide some OM and biologicals as well.


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Growth Products also has some solid humates but they only mention humic acid not fulvic


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Wood fire ash is the least expensive and still highly effective.
Well documented and proven to increase plant health and vigor.