How would you rate the tree and landscaping companies you've worked for?


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I've been mostly in the laboring trades since the 1980s. I was thinking about the businesses that I've worked for. A lot of the men have been decent trying the best they can. Here in the suburban NY area, most corporate men do not want their kids to become landscapers, tree men or take up another labor based vocation. From what I have seen though some of the managers of the companies left the corporate world to run a landscaping or tree company.

One of the first landscapers I worked for back in the 80s had a rough character, lots of profanity, white workers were similar. It was a job referral from the state of CT labor department when they had significant local offices. When I got there I was treated to the landscaper's/builder's etc. push to get the jobs done. He was a suspect in a local crime, the cops had taken casts of his car tires.

I encountered similar characters in later landscaping jobs. There was an assumption that rough and profane talk was par for the course. In 1984 I had gotten a philosophy degree with strengths in maths and the sciences. A professional career using it would have been to work in teaching. But I had too much energy physically to be hemmed in to an office or school. Also I made little use of college advisors.

Exceptions to the rough characters were a few solid workers connected to a church, like a tree climber I worked with when I had my own business. That seems to be necessary unless you are working for a company with a better standard for workers. The immigrant workers seem to have a family based work ethic with respectful language, maybe they filled a void where the anglos and locals failed.

How would you rate the attitudes of your fellow workers? Does it matter, or is competence more important to most businesses?

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