"How the Ginkgo biloba achieves near-immortality"


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Of particular interest to me is that neither of the two scientists quoted in the article had anything to do with the study. #notaconfidencebooster


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Actually, three of the study's authors were also quoted. Getting the opinions of scientists outside of the study is common... it's usually a good idea, because any red flags in the published study, during peer review, might come out before people make a big hoopla about a flawed study. This is really the purpose of peer review. Without it, you end up with a fiasco like cold water fusion.


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I've heard it said that a tree doesn't get older (as far as it is concerned). It dies and grows a new tree around the old one every year. This is a far more scientific way of saying that same thing!

It does not mention roots - my understanding is that those dictate the 'aging process' in trees.


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Huh. I was going to ask whether trees lacked telomeres but the googlemachine says yes: