How many cones is enough?


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Meh I don't see anything wrong with that. More visible more better. And if your rig gets hit with all those cones out they will be paying. Plus people are just plain fucking stupid and sometime need the slap upside the head to tell the not to go there.


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Cones are super useful for laying out a backing-up course when solo or with someone who doesn't understand how it works for backing a trailer into a tight spot at the right angle, such as when needed due to chipping feeding/ spraying constraints.


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We carry 8 cones per side
We setup 4 per truck 4 per chipper 4 for feeding chipper and try to back wood truck to the chipper feeding area
one on each side of driveway
Also signs and cones at each side of the sidewalk
We like to have cones on both sides of everything which makes it super convenient
8 in each stack kiss policy


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This reminds me, I need to order more cones. I have bought 18 in the past 6 months and Im down to 8. People keep stealing them when we leave them around our equipment left overnight on the street.

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