How could anyone think this is a good idea?


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I can see how one guy could have no concept of basic science and say "this might work", I don't get how any crane operator, or any tree guy, or the whole crew watching could stand there and say that.

I have to think this was a construction crew, and they said "hey, anyone know how to work the crane thing? Let's pick up this plant thing with it."

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Gotta give the camera guy a chuck on the shoulder. Most camera operators loose control and run just when the smash is going to happen. We got a clear and steady view of the disaster that put at least three people at severe risk of being killed.

Where is the STOP button on a crew like that?

It looks like they got another tree and the opposing stem down before the fail


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I’ve seen a ton of dumb videos and this one may be at the top for most terrible idea. It’s fun to think what pulling on a tree horizontally with a crane might do. But to seriously use that as a plan is asking for someone to get injured or killed


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WOW! Why, who, what the F???

So many things to shake head at there, where to begin. Looks like day two of a big project - they had a bunch of work done and hauled away, they had previously used a lift or climbed to top the tree so why not piece it down a bit more? They had a tag line set in the right spot just didn't use it right - or maybe the crane was supposed to "catch" the log before it smashed the hardscaping?

Looks like either apartments or offices so either way corporate paycheck which in the US means lowest bid = worst quality. Weather looks hot and humid (tropical), and that wood could be very hard or the saw is just dull and too small for the job, no PPE - etc, etc. :wtf:

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