Honeylocust problem


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I have a client that has a honeylocust that she called me about because it seems to have tent caterpillars. I worked on the tree today and took dead wood out of it. it dose not look like tent caterpillars or what I know as tent caterpillars. they are much smaller and are only at the very tips of the tree. the leaves have turned brown, but not much only 1 to 2 inches. the Brown only makes up for about 10% of the canopy. what should I do, the tree is very healthy other wise and the client is worried about losing her tree. I dont think it is a problem but how do I get rid of the browning. Thanks


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Mimosa webworm. Late season defoliation isn't going to harm the tree but they get ugly over time if the population grows.


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That is one I try not to treat. Like @JD3000 said, they are more aesthetic than problematic. By the time they start to look real ugly, they are about done for the year, so what is the point?

Foliar spray right when you first see it can help...but you have to be watching to catch it early. Systemic treatment with Dinotefuran is also effective, but again, you have to be ahead of the outbreat or it will get into the tree too late to do any good.


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U find Dino good on cats? Never tried it. I always felt it was an expensive option that may or may not kill Lepidopterous boogers?