homlite 190


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anyone knwo much about a homlite (sp?) 190? quite an old saw. passed down from my in-laws' father. does not currently work, i have no clue how to fix it if it is possible. would it be something looking into? it has no chain brake, so i know of a saftey hazard of using it, but is it worth hanging onto?


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I can't find much info on that saw.I have the parts list but that doesn't show much.It does appear to be one of those small ,inexpensive saws built by Homelite on the order of the xl-2,with an automatic chain sharpener.The auto sharp is a dead give away it is not what you would consider a higher quality saw ,that system never worked.
The saw appears to have a solid state ignition.Why it will not start can be narrowed to two reasons.Fuel delivery or spark.I would bet it needs a carb rebuild ,not a big deal.