Hitting the winter woods for a rec climb


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Mentoring a new climber/photographer, we went to the woods near where he grew up and he got to see them from a different angle. Chose the finest Swamp White Oak out of a dozen really nice ones in a vernal woods swamp. Clethra understory made throwing challenging, I found a small opening for a runway and set lines for myself and two other climber from there.

Big curvy limbs, super interesting crown form and plenty of powder snow everywhere made it all good. It's better when it's cold and the snow is dry compared to above freezing and slush.

More or less "minimal" woods climbing kit, 85' main line and 17' or so lanyard

My friend Kay is probably tired of me talking about her age but it is so impressive the way she attacks a climb at the age of 75.

New climber enjoying the uppermost branches

Kay's face answers the question "Why climb trees?"

Loving my latest short lanyard build

One heck of a Swamp White Oak


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