Hiring Line Clearance Arborists and Utility Line Clearance Arborists - Safety Trainer (CA/AZ)

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Mowbray’s Tree Service was established in 1972 and is family owned and operated. After almost 40 years, we still hold strong to our original commitment to excellence to provide our customers with quality tree care services.

We are hiring for the following positions to service our CA and AZ clients:

LINE CLEARANCE ARBORISTS: Looking for Line Clearance Arborists, Line Clearance Arborist Trainees, and Line Clearance Arborist Crew Foremen in California and Arizona. Mowbray's Tree Service serves major electric utilities vegetation management departments performing utility line clearance by pruning and removing trees and vegetation near power lines.
Driver's license required. Commercial driver's license preferred and may be required.

Apply Here:

UTILITY LINE CLEARANCE ARBORIST - SAFETY TRAINERS: Looking for experienced Utility Line Clearance Arborist Safety Trainers.

Preferred credentials include Journeyman Line Clearance Arborist, ISA Certified Arborist, Utility Line Clearance Arborist, Tree Worker Specialist, TCIA CTSP, First Aid and CPR Trainer.
Spanish/English Bi-lingual, ability to work independently, strong communication skills, model behavior that promotes a safe work environment, strong verbal and written skills, ability to work in rugged terrain and inclement weather, possess a valid Driver License, ability to drive and operate a 4x4 vehicle, ability to climb, use complex rigging systems, operate aerial lifts, chippers, chain saws and fell trees.

Understanding of applicable federal, state, local laws and regulations, ANSI Z133 Safety Standard, ANSI A300 Pruning Standard - Part 1, Best Management Practices; Utility Pruning of Trees, and Aerial Rescue Protocol.

Trainers are required to work in the field with crews monitoring safe work practices and training to industry standards.

Apply here:

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