Hiring Climbers in Medfield, MA


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Lueders is a team of educated, experienced, and passionate arboriculture professionals who love what they do. We are seeking a new member of this team to take us to new heights. Someone who is motivated, puts safety first, loves working outside in nature, and wants to make a difference every day in what they do.

A strong candidate would be passionate about trees and the conservation and care of them. We imagine someone that has experience behind them and wants to take their career to new levels but if you are just establishing your career and have a desire to work with the best we have entry level positions and offer extensive training and continued education.

A strong candidate would have knowledge of hand snip pruning as well as shade and ornamental pruning. Be familiar with climbing or rope work, take downs and planting.

Come, join our team and see what an office with a great view looks like. We have a truly excellent opportunity for the right candidate. We have a highly competitive benefit program too. We look forward to growing with you!
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