Hiring Bucket Operator/Crew Leader Hamden, CT

Hamden, CT

Contact Number: 203-624-2085​

Email: Info@Sandweisstrees.com

Job Description​


-CDL Required.

-Working Knowledge of techniques for safe tree and limb removal, including rigging, knots, ropes, use of rigging devices, proper aerial lift operation.

-Good understanding of modern pruning practice including crown thinning and reduction, deadwooding, proper pruning cuts, pruning and shaping of ornamental trees.


-Minimum of 1 year climbing and/or bucket operation in tree care. Greater experience preferred.


-Oral and written job communication, job recording.

-Driving bucket and chip truck, including backing.

-Perform tree removal and pruning operations and supervise crew.

Salary: $23-$35 per hour, depending on skill and experience, time-and-a-half OT for hours over 40.


-Paid vacation plus paid holidays.

-Retirement plan with company match.

-Paid professional development, training and education.

-Safety oriented, fun and flexible work environment.

Job Type: Full-time

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