Herbicide testing


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Ohio's test: "read the label" and you'll probably pass.

Here Extension provides study materials that don't take much time to go through.


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In Florida, we have to pass two tests - a core pesticide cert, and one or more of several specific certs. I test for natural areas and weed management, but there are others like l and o, forestry, aquatic, etc. The core is easy but the others are moderately to very hard. Look into your state specific.
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Florida, USA
I lectured for the Southern Chapter ISA a few years ago on a topic regarding Pest Control Licensing and spoke with Pesticide Division Personnel in all the states encompassed by that chapter as I prepared my presentation. My take away from my conversations with them, was that it's a lot harder to get certified as a PCO in Florida than the other nearby states. The best information resource will probably be your local extension agent.


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Ohio tests are cake. Core is most difficult, categories not so much. The greenhouse one was the most difficult I've taken and I think I was up to 6 categories at one point.

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