Healthy reminder to not walk with a moving chain

Serf Life

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Maine Island
Got a chainsaw to the face this week. Slogging through spruce brush disasters on an island I tripped and fell with my saw off, maybe 15min walk to the boat. It did some tipping/twisting in the brush so the handle posted on a log and my cheek slammed on the bar tip.

Can’t tell you how many times one loses footing slashing red spruce blow downs, super brushy trees ontop of trees over hummocky ledge filled terrain. Always shut off the saw or use chain brake and don’t walk with hand on the rear handle to inadvertently hit the throttle with finger or branches.

Do everything right, wear ppe, well fitting clothes, boots, and still have a chance for a bloody face. Stack your odds and be safe out there.

Dan Cobb

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I usually scabbard a saw for walking/scrambling/climbing hazardous terrain. My concern was protecting the chain. Hadn't really considered the scenario you experienced. I hope your injury isn't too severe. Good point about inadvertent throttle activation. Thanks for sharing.


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east TN
hope all heals well

I got an angle grinder right into my kneecap last night (Hit the power switch, and the grinder spun out of my hand and fell on my knee, power was off by the time it hit, but the wheel was still spinning at probably 8-10000 rpm)

only about a 1 inch long gash, but almost down to the bone, my worst power tool related injury

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
I use the basketball traveling rule

Add to that...only one pivot step.

Something that I found from following both basketball rules is that whoever is cutting finds a place to cut where they don't have to move. More cuts are made, meaning more work getting done, in one stance. Instead of making 2-3 cuts then 'wandering' the cutter makes several cuts then deliberately walks or pivots, before they have to set the chainbrake and move

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