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Hi tree guys and girls, hope you’re all doing awesome.
I have been in this industry for about four and a half years now after moving from the health and fitness industry (8 years).
In that time I have seen a lot of mates get injured, most of which could potentially have been avoided if we put the same amount of time and effort into maintaining what I think is the most important tool we have (our bodies and mind) as we do with our chainsaws and chippers.
So in the hopes of potentially preventing some unnecessary injuries, pain, and loss of income. I thought I would share some of the stuff I use in my day to day life from the world of health and wellbeing to make tree life as fun as it can be.
So I started this page on Instagram where I will be sharing some stuff to hopefully make life easier and safer in the trees.
If you’re interested in it check it out, if not that’s cool too stay safe and have fun.
ps if people are interested in this stuff and have suggestions of stuff you potentially want to be covered please let me know.
pps. if this is in the wrong forum also please let me know

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